Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor GeneralDownloading and installing Ten Thumbs on a Mac

Downloading and installing Ten Thumbs on a Mac

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor comes complete with an installer, to make installing him easy on your computer. Here is a step by step guide to installing on a Mac.


Go to the download page for Ten Thumbs and download the edition you need. I am downloading the Single user for Mac edition.

Locate your Download

On a Mac you will usually be downloading by default into your Downloads folder. If you're not sure where the download went, try searching for Ten_Thumbs. Once you find the file, which ends in .dmg, double click it to open the installer.


Drag the Ten Thumbs icon (1) into the folder icon (2).

You will see the above dialog briefly, and then Ten Thumbs should appear in your Applications folder.

Add a shortcut

If you would like to add Ten Thumbs to your dock so you can open him easily, you can do this by dragging the icon from your Applications folder to the dock.

Open the program

Open Ten Thumbs by double clicking the icon either in the dock or in Applications. The first time you do this you will get a warning notice:

Click open, and Ten Thumbs will open, ready for you to start learning to type.


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