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Set Password and Permissions for Gateway

LCFM Native needs to create a gateway solution for your app. This allows it to communicate with the original FileMaker solution, and pass data back and forth between your new Native app and your original solution. Both the Gateway, and your original solution, must be hosted on your FileMaker Server. Here's what you need to do.

Open the Gateway File

Click on the arrow to open the gateway solution LCFM Native has created from your original file.

Set Password

When you open the interface solution, you will be asked for a username and password. This is the username and password you set on your original solution, because FileMaker is trying to open both the original and the gateway solution, using the original solution as a  datastore. The new gateway solution does not yet have a password, we will need to set it.

Go to File>Manage>Security

Set a password for your full access Admin account for this solution.

Set fmrest

Check "Admin" if it is not already checked, and click "Use Detailed Setup".

Select the tab "Extended Privileges" (1) and then click on "fmrest" (2)

Click Edit.

Check [Full Access]. Click ok and then ok again. You have now enabled fmrest access.

Upload to Your FM Server

You now need to upload your gateway solution to your FileMaker Server. Go to File>Sharing>Upload to FileMaker Server.

In Favorite Hosts, select your FileMaker Server. if you don't have a server set up, please see the lesson on Setting Up FileMaker in the "Before you start" section.

I've selected my localhost server, and I get this message. Because I am just testing locally, I just check Always permit connection (1) and connect (2). Obviously, if you are deploying a live solution on a remote server, you need to ensure you have the appropriate SSL certificate set up.

Enter your Console name and password. This is not the same as your solution username and password, it is what you set when you set up your FileMaker Server. In this particular case, I've been keeping things simple by using Admin everywhere but this is NOT best practice and you should certainly not do this in a live situation!

Click Upload.

Configure Server in LCFM Native

Enter your  Server Address in LCFM Native. Your Server IP will be shown on the dashboard of your server, mine is here:


Click next, and you are ready to proceed to the next lesson.


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