You now need to choose a license to deploy against. Your Compiler comes with 5 test users in a Test Deployment app, so if you are still at the testing stage, you will just select that. If you have a deployed app and a user base you want to make it available to, then you need to create that app in your LCFM Native Portal, and select it here.

Test and Deploy

We're going to build an app for distribution, which requires licensing to be activated. Click the "Build App for Distribution" button on the Test and Deploy screen.

You will see the licensing screen appear, with "Select App License" and a drop down menu (1). If you are just testing, you can select your Developer Test license. If however you are ready to deploy to customers, you will need an App Pack to deploy against. To create that you need to go online in your LCFM Native account. Click on the Buy Now button to go to your account (2).

Login to the Portal

Go to Apps

Create a new App

Make your selections as to whether your app will be online or offline, how many users you will need etc and purchase the user pack.

Name Your App

Your new app appears in your portal as "Untitled App". Click the Edit button.

Add a title for your app (1) and a description (2). Press Save (3). Your app should now appear in the portal, as below.

Restart LCFM Native

I now need to restart LCFM Native, to see my new App. Once you have restarted, select the project you were building for, and choose "Test and Deploy".

Click through to the licensing screen again and choose the app you want to deploy against.


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