General Settings

On the General settings screen you enter some basic information all your app profiles can use.

1. Enter your application name here.

2. Your app Identifier is an important component for building for the app stores, and it must be of the format com.myapp.myappid ie it must have three parts starting with com and separated by dots. If you are building for iOS then this app ID must match your iOS deployment profile ID. If you have a generic deployment profile iOS app ID of the format com.* then you can enter whatever you want for the second two parts, but if your profile ID is more specific then you need to match it here. Please see the lesson on iOS deployment profiles for more details on setting this up.

3. You can increment your build numbers here eg if you are testing an update to an existing app.

4. Enter your app version number here.

5. Enter your own copyright notice here.

6 Custom url schemes. You can enter a URL here for your app to use, if you have used custom urls in your FileMaker solution. Specifying a custom URL allows an application to be woken up when a specific URL is selected on a device. For example, the custom URL could be a home URL of the application web page.


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