LCFM Advanced Settings

You may need to redo a step or make changes to your settings - but you don't want to go through the entire scrape and build process again. To avoid this, you can set the ability to skip steps and restart using an existing project instead of setting up a new one every time.

Open Advanced Settings

You'll see this screen:

Here's what all this means.

(1) Message timeout gives your computer a bit more time to action the commands LCFM Native is sending it. If you have a fast computer, you can use a low value, if you have a slow or overburdened computer, try a higher setting.

(2) Debug logging is really only something you should use if we ask you to. It will make everything run more slowly, but may allow us to pinpoint where a particular issue is happening and why.

(3) Advanced Mode. Check this to allow you to skip through a project to a particular screen. As you move through the screens the various scrape/extract/seed actions associated with those screens will occur unless you deactivate the compile phases.

(4) Compile Phases. You can uncheck individual phases here. If you have already run through a compile, and you just want to change eg the deployment target from iOS to Android, you can uncheck everything and go straight to "Deploy Standalone". If however, you want to change a layout, or your sync settings, you will need to rebuild your gateway solution and do another parse of the project, so unchecking everything here will give you incorrect results. The seed / extract steps can be skipped if you dont need to re-extract data (i.e. the schema hasnt changed and you have perfectly good data to test with). The parse/compile phases can be skipped if you are just tweaking deployment options and nothing in the original solution has changed (beyond maybe data).


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