Installing LiveCode on Linux

If you are experiencing issues installing LiveCode within a Linux environment the most likely cause of this is that the installer has not had its executable bit set. This lesson will explain how to do this within the Ubuntu Linux environment.

Download LiveCode From Your Store Account

Download LiveCode From Your Store Account
Navigate To The Download Directory

Right Click on LiveCode Installer and Select "Properties"

Right Click on LiveCode Installer and Select "Properties"

Set the Executable bit to true

Set the Executable bit to true

To do this, navigate to the "Permissions" tab and check the option "Allow executing files as program".  Press close and you should now be able to double click the LiveCode installer to execute it.

The following stackoverflow post explains how to make any application executable via the command line:

This is useful for Linux versions that do not have the discussed GUI method.

NB- The installer will not run if you are on a 64 bit system with no 32 bit compatibility libraries. Please install these before attempting the above. e.g. For Ubuntu 14.04, the following terminal command will install these libraries:

sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386



I do not have the store installed. What is the name of the package in the official repos?

Heather Laine

If you want to download LiveCode on Linux, you can sign up for a free account here:

You should then be able to install it successfully. I hope this helps.


Choose 'You Only'...


I successfully installed this on my chromebook which i've set to dual-boot to GalliumOS using chrx.
I got stuck trying to 'install for all users' and 'custom install'.
Installed fine when finally chose 'Install for this user only'

Elanor Buchanan

Hi Stam

This is probably because of the lack of gksu in this distro. When installing for all users or doing a custom install, it should show an authentication dialog asking for the user's password (this is what gksu does). This would explain why installing for this user only does work.

You could workaround this by running the installer from the Terminal using sudo. This should allow you to install for all users.

I hope that helps.



When I startup the downloaded Business Installer in Linux Mint, I get the following message:
LiveCode Installer // Installation was not succesful
'unable to create required folder at '/opt/livecode/livecodebusiness-9.6.1.x86_64'

so what to do?

Elanor Buchanan

Hi Rob

This looks like a permissions issue, can you check the permissions of the installer file. You might also get some good advice from the forum. There are some Linux Mint threads and other users might be able to help.

I hope that helps.


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